Thursday, December 21, 2017

Bismarck Tourney

The other weekend Jens and his Bantam A team were in Bismarck for a tourney. It was the first time in all the years of hockey both Jonell and I went to a tournament. It ended up being a lot of firsts on the weekend. 

Jens in the circle for the ceremonial face-off for first game ever in the new Wachter arena.
 8am game in the VFW arena.
 Full moon over the ally before pre game adult beverage.
 We stopped as a whole family at Arnaldo's on way to Red Lodge one year. Authentic family Mexican restaurant.  A must stop off the interstate if passing through not just for the food but total experience.

First time I've seen a game played on a half zamboni sheet of ice!
 Saturday night we went to the Bismarck Bobcat and Austin Bruins JR hockey game. Jon played for Austin last year and a half dozen players still on the team this year.
 DL Bantams cheering on the Bruins after a goal. It was a crazy game as middle of the third period, something happened I've never seen before, the coach started throwing sticks in protest of the officiating. Took about 20 minutes until play resumed. The officials didn't want to pick up the sticks and finally a few players went and picked them up.
Catching up with goalie Al Schilling after the game.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Once again we hosted family and friends for Thanksgiving. Jon was playing in Ireland with RPI and we had thoughts of going but didn't work out. 

We had another good size group this year.s. Most noticeable is the guys at the head of the table, my dad. He was home after 2 months plus in the hospital. Involved in a tree cutting accident that put him in the ICU and on the edge of death. Remarkable recovery and biggest story of Thanksgiving this year.
Apres Turkey.

Always good to visit and catch up. Every year is different who comes and cannot. Great to have all!

The lake froze over early this year and with the little bit of snow we had melting off than freezing again, great conditions for skating and fun post dinner activity.

We would have almost four weeks of lake skating this year.  Fun times!

Early September, my dad was cutting this birch, it fell, hit another tree and the top broke off and hit him. He laid for 2 hours until we found him. Amazing he survived the accident and even more amazing he was home after some scary moments in the hospital for four weeks.
Sunrise the day after Thanksgiving. Much to be thankful for!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

East Trip

Last weekend Jack and I met up with Jake in NY for a weekend of watching Jon play vs Notre Dame,     early season turns at Mt Snow and a check of the Culinary Institute of America, school Jack plans to attend after high school. 

Post game after game one. Despite outshooting Notre Dame, RPI took the loss. Good fast hockey.
The next morning Jake Jack and I went east to enjoy early season skiing at Mt Snow. Only a few runs open but was great to be skiing! Impressed with the length of the runs. Mt Snow just "dumped" 30 million in to snowmaking.
Bunny hill action. The second day we went, wind shut down the lifts in the afternoon unfortunately.
Jake and I had been to MT Snow in the summer and was fun to visit some of the places we visited when we were there this time with Jack.
Stopped by the candlepin bowling alley. One of the times we were there, we played a few games with Kris and Kyia Anderson.
Candlepin and ball used.
Fun stop near Hoosick on way back.
Bros watching bro during warm ups.

Monday Jack and I went south to Hyde Park to check out the CIA. We had a tour and visited for 3 hours. Very impressed and Jack was very excited after seeing in person.
Great views over the Hudson river.
Checking out a local diner on way home before heading home the next morning.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Deer Hunting 2017

Last weekend wrapped up deer hunting season. It was the probably one of the coldest seasons I can remember. We've had some cold ones but nothing like this past one where there was snow on the ground the entire time and we have multiple mornings where the temp was near 0.
Ready to head out on a drive with the boys, Jake, Jack and Jens. The expression on the faces tells it all.
Building a wood stand with Jens a few weeks before the season when a storm was rolling through.
The deer/bucks were moving a lot at night this year, before and during season. The full moon the main reason why.

Jens and friends cleaning geese after a waterfowl hunt the afternoon before. Ended up being the last outing with the lakes and ponds freezing up during deer hunting.
I did a lot of walking in the woods this year. Most of my time in the woods outside of deer hunting is spent on trail, unless building new trail. It's fun to explore areas not walked through before. Probably walked over 30 miles this year. There is always some meat for the winter so I'm content just being in the woods and checking out the cool things in nature.
Love the sound of a small creek gurgling in the forest.
The fresh snow not only helped big time with sighting deer but seeing tracks of all kinds.
Pushing through a swamp/marshy area hadn't been through before.
Beaver still active as ever including  working on non typical trees like maple, oak and birch.
No, we are not protesting anything. Taking a break after a drive.
In our group of 6 we only shot one buck. Jake with his first buck. Between all of us, we probably saw 100 deer but didn't shoot any does or smaller bucks.
Neighbor Ted after we pushed some land towards him. Always enjoy talking to Ted about hunting, weather and nature.
Walking through some beautiful bog land after a dusting of snow the night before. Temps in single digits. Jens and Drew stayed home to hunt on this day. Was proud of the 6 plus hours they spent in the woods in that weather.
Tracking a deer across a small lake. Amazing the deer know when it is safe to walk. Although a few years ago discovered a deer under the ice in Little Sugarbush.
Closing day sunset. The time spent leading up to the season, tracking the cams, time with the boys and the winter like weather made for a great year.

Monday, November 06, 2017

RPI Family Weekend

Jonell and I were very fortunate to make a trip back to NY for family weekend at RPI. Jon is a freshman this year, playing hockey while going for aeronautical engineering degree.

Friday's night game was at Union college which is about 30 minutes from Troy, NY and the RPI campus. The games vs RPI are a big rival and the arena was sold out, standing room only.

We arrived in Albany, NY about two hours before the game. Drove to the campus and unbelievably the first person we ran into was Jon doing the pre-game warm up. RPI lost the game in a tight match, 3-4 and Jon picked up a couple of assists.
The second night the game was on the RPI campus and the Houston Field house.
Another sold out game and great atmosphere. They lost 2-4 but like Friday night, was a great game to watch.

Post game, getting a photo with mom and dad.
In a rarity, parents were allowed into the locker room post game to see everything and what the players environment was like.
Players wear heart rate monitors even in the games for the trainer to keep track of everything.
We didn't see Jon much really until Saturday night and part of Sunday as there was a team luncheon for the parents. All good. Great to see Jon and the games. Was still very mild and looked like end of September compared to the wintry weather we came back to.