Sunday, December 23, 2012

20 Years!!

Last week Jonell and I celebrated 20 years of marriage. We were fortunate to have Jake home from college so we decided to celebrate with all the kids. Next day we enjoyed a pretty much perfect day with no activities and good family time.
 If you have been following this blog since I started, there are many posts of the great times we have had the past 7 or so years of the last 20. This fall one of the highlights was our trip to California. We make a point to do a trip like this each year and once a month a one night getaway.
I had intentions of posting some photos of our favorite memories but time is running short. This one did make the post, Jonell helping with grooming one day in March a few years back. Lot of fantastic memories the past 20, together and raising for great kids. I am truly blessed to be married to one of the most amazing persons God put on this earth.

This past Thursday Jake and I went over to Mt Itasca to watch Jack compete in a ski meet. It was Jack's first classic race and he did awesome. Nice to have the older brother cheering on. We were able to ski the whole time we were there, enjoying perfect classic tracks cut in to man made snow.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jay and Jonell!


HALLN' said...

Happy New Year and many more "good memories" to ya Jay. Thanks for sharing.

Cheers to a good winter with much fresh powder!!