Monday, June 30, 2014

Keep on Tracking

This spring Jack ran track for school. He did mostly middle distance and some field events. The season was short lived as the first four meets were cancelled. Improved nicely throughout the season posting best times last meet of the year.

The last couple meets he wore my old singlet from when I ran track at DL.
Waving the Laker flag.

Meet in Park Rapids.
This spring our track team from 1987 when I was a junior was selected to the Detroit Lakes Hall of Fame

Running track was painful. We trained and raced hard. We rarely had any easy days. Easy runs were always a spring finish. Repetitions for speed work turned into "repervals" We also had a lot of fun. Swimming in the pool after track meets, jackalope hunting, ice berging on the lake. Lot of things that would get coaches fired and kids kicked out of school now days but no one got hurt and no harm was done. We didn't break any rules to the best of my knowledge. Ha!

One of the weddings this spring, our coach Mr Mohr or "Chico"was in attendance. Fun to catch up. He is proud of the team getting recognized and should be.  He that had a way of getting the most out of everyone but keeping things fun. Former DL teacher and coach of BBall and Nordic Skiing Steve Sundby on the right. Great guys.

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M Hall said...

It is cool that your boys are a reflection of their dad, nice job Jay...