Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Mother's day weekend I took my mom to Chicago for nephew Marco's graduation from Moody Bible Institute which is located in downtown Chicago. We drove out there, breaking the trip up by leaving Thursday afternoon than arriving Friday afternoon. Arrived bit later than expected into Chicago due to bad timing of some heavy traffic. 

 First night spent in Osseo, WI. Been well over 30 years since been to Norske Nook. Great place to savor Scandinavian fare.

Lease wrap, Swedish pancakes with Lingonberries. Great stuff.

 Swung out to Levis Mound trail Friday morning. Hadn't been there before but heard/read a lot about.
 Awesome trail. Didn't have time to check out entire the trail system but found the "Sidewinder" trail so much fun, ended up doing three laps. With most new trail overbuilt, wide and flowy which is fun for sure, good to find the old school stuff. Like the natural technical features.
 Scenic overlook off Sidewinder. There are some pretty tight turns and sketchy edges with 50-75 ft drops below.
 Friday evening met up with my sister and her family for dinner. Walking around downtown Chicago.
 Commencement Saturday morning at Moody Church. Beautiful building. One of the best commencement address I've ever heard.
 Congrats Marco!
 With Grandma.
 After lunch we walked around downtown Chicago checking out some local sights. Sister's family above.
 The "bean"
 The way things have been going lately, this might happen sooner than you think!
Sunday morning we went to a church in west town near Garfield park where Marco has been helping out the youth program for all four years. The church is brick building that doesn't look like a church at all. The congregation is mostly youth. Many of the kids coming from broken homes, 90% not having really any family. Some sad stories with shootings and the crime/drug scene.

 Very proud of Marco not only on graduation but his commitment to the church and the influence he has had on the folks there.
Before heading out we stopped at a local favorite for hot beefs and home made lemon ice. Great stop excellent italian hots, lemon ice was fantastic with real slices of lemon and meats cooked over charcoal as advertised . Drove straight home after which wasn't the most pleasant drive but home safe and sound and a great trip overall.

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