Thursday, August 10, 2017

Duluth Enduro 4 > Hockey Fest >Jon Heads to College

Last week I made it over to Duluth again for the 4th race in the Enduro Series. It is lot easier to sneak over midweek for a day off versus the weekend. I left a little bit earlier since I was going to come home that night. I had been in touch with Scott Kylander-Johnson who is doing a lot of work for the Minnesota Series race coming up and we hooked up for a ride of the course for this years race. Scott and his wife Sara cut a lot of the hand built trail at Spirit Mountain that eventually got wiped out by the alpine slide and flow trail. The original races at Spirit Mountain were the best in the Midwest. It's great to see xc racing return there now, even though it isn't the same, and kudos to Scott and company for all their work to make it happen.
A great ride with Scott led to one of the best enduro races this year. Both course were totally different, the first one being super techy and tight. The second one was more flow, pedaling and fast. There was some grumbling from other racers and not sure why. Pretty much enduro to a T. Enduro isn't downhill racing, but downhill with a sprinkle of climbing, and what attracts me, the more technical aspect.
Afterwards Jake and I met up with Anna for a nice meal at OMC.  Waiting to be seating. We are waiting to Jake!!

Saturday morning out with Jake and Jon for one last ride before Jon heads out east for college.
Saturday hauled the Scamp down to Alexandria for hockey tourney. It has been the lightest summer yet for hockey tourneys but once again we were at Hockey Fest. I think this is the 10th year in a row either Jens or Jon have played at Hockey Fest. It's a fun tourney with the schedule usually pretty decent and the activities outside of the games. Jens was playing and cousin Garrett joined for Sunday's game. We also had Lucas along.
One of the activities is the Saturday night car racing. We caught the end races and always some good racing action.
Four in the Scamp was pretty tight. Lucas and Garrett slept in the bunks and Jens and I shared the double.
Sunday breakfast at the popular Travelers Inn. Lucas starting out right with their fantastic chocolate malts.
The boys after the first game Sunday. A 6-0 win. Lucas with the shutout and Jens and Garrett each two goals each. Fun tourney and pretty good hockey.
The second game a lot of family came to watch and meet up to see Jon afterwards before he went off to college at RPI. We met up at the local Zorbaz.

Thanks for coming everyone!

Monday night one last meal before heading out with family and friends.
High school buddies. Thanks for coming out guys!

Ready to take flight and spread wings! Have a great time Jon. We are super proud of you and excited for what opportunities and the future will bring.

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