Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heart of the Season

Hard to believe we are already near the end of January and looking at February. February is my favorite month of the winter and January a close second. The seasons are smack dab in the heart of it all and getting closer to the end. The ski season is way to short as it is and for high school kids, less than a month the hs racing season is over. The kids schedules have not let up one bit and every weekend filled with hockey games and ski meets and now great snow for daily grooming. Doesn't get any better!

For the second year in a row, Jon's team had a tourney in Hibbing. Highlight is playing in Memorial arena. The ceiling is huge. Play gets a bit swallowed up but the building is oozing with history. Kept looking over my shoulder to see if Bob Dylan was going to walk in. Being downtown feels like going back 20 years.

Working through traffic.


Jens has had a full plate of games this season, big bump up from last year.

Jack has two meets before his season is down. Highlights from one of my favorite places to watch, Spidhals, above.

Weekend before last, busted down to Wirth in MPLS after grooming a few hours in the morning to catch Jake racing at the Super Tour. Jake had a fantastic race, finishing second. Followed up with a great second race at the St Scholastica invite at Giants Ridge with a 7th place finish, top freshmen placing and best finish by a Scholastica skier in history of program.The team is a great group of guys and combined with hard training, and great coaching elevated to next level.

In front group with teammate Calvin, chasing leader Sam Elfstrom

 After the Wirth race, bolted home and brought back Mound Westonka skier Scott Harrison whose team was at Maplelag. Had a great conversation on the 3.5hr ride home, talking skiing, biking, hunting, nature....good stuff. Very impressed by no cell phone use the entire time. Next morning hooked up for a hour ski. Temp was -16 and windchill whatever but sun was shining, no wind and great day to be in the woods.
Blasting down Suicide the windchill was even more awesome. Nothing getting cold, all good. Scott has been having a great season and don't be surprised if he takes state!

Even though it has been a lower snow year until today, the skiing has been fantastic.

Thirty hours out from the latest snow event, 1-3" forecasted. Weather people quickly changed thinking 6 hours out. Had my doubts on 6-12 but we got socked nicely by a dense 10 and things are looking great!


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