Thursday, February 07, 2013

Glory Days

It feels like I have been awake the last two weeks. The winter season is at the peak of non stop on the go. Fresh snow almost daily keeping the groomer busy and kids activities non stop. It is all good and live for these great winter days.

Last weekend Jon and his Bantam A team won their home tourney. It was a great weekend with some good games and fun times.


 The third game the team faced Fort Frances of Ontario Canada. It was a bit of a rough game but Jon connected with one of the players and Championship day, they were acting like best buds. Fun having teams from all over.
 Proud Parents
 Snow has been falling nicely with almost daily shots of fluff.

Keeping the rink clear has been a challenge but warmer temps making for very nice skating.

Jack had a conference meet at Three Island which is the birth of the Turtle River, just a handful of miles north of Bemidji. A incredible place for a ski meet. With all the fresh snow, the scenic beauty was at high level.

 Jack in action along the riverside. The skiers skied along the river, crossed it, back down the other side than another bridge crossing to the finish.
Lot of good memories of the area having worked in the Turtle River area at the Concordia Language Camps for five years. Explored all of the trail systems plus plenty of bootlegging as just was getting in to mountain biking the early 90's.

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