Thursday, April 27, 2017

Arizona Easter

Easter break we were fortunate to head to Arizona (thanks to grandma Judy) with the entire family along with Jonell's siblings families. It was great to enjoy warmer temps and no set agenda.

Easter Sunday. All together for the first time since Christmas.
Jake and I brought bikes along with no expectations on riding other than hopes to get out 1-2 hours a day.
We found some great trails nearby that were a blast riding. Overall the riding way exceeded my expectations.
Cousins hanging out pool side.
One of the days we drove to the east side of McDowell mountain park, hitting up the course used for Cactus Cup. Jake hitting one of the jumps in the pump track.
Cousins on the court. Two skiers and six hockey players playing hoops.
Flame broiled defined.
Nephew Reagan, Jonell and her brother Ryan went sky diving one morning.

Yep, Jonell jumped out of a plane. Nice job Jonell!!

 Reagan, Uncle Ryan and Jonell ready to fly.
 Jonell landing.
Jens using Jake's bike one evening for a gorgeous ride to catch the sunset. Can hardly tell the two apart.
Got passed by two eMTBers on the way up. Interesting talking to them at the lookout.
Jens heading back down. Sweet trail!
Thanks for the great trip Judy!!

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