Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring Hockey

 Minnesota Hockey has a program called High Performance. It is a program that allows players to try out with kids their age in the 15,16 and 17 age brackets to compete among each other with skill sessions for the 15 year old bracket. Jens is in the 15 bracket even though he doesn't turn that age until December. This spring he attended the skill sessions in Wadena for three weekends. He made the district team than competed in the Spring Festival last weekend.

They had one practice on Saturday afternoon after a morning game. Another district was there, which put 40 kids on the ice. Minnesota Hockey was doing a ADM training session for hockey program managers. The photo doesn't do justice of the practice. Great drills, really got a lot out of it in a hour time.
 The practice was held at the St Louis Park Rec Center. They were building an outside facility/arena adjacent that looked really cool. A roof to protect the ice but "artificial" ice for early and late season skating.
 With games later morning, I was able to get out for a few rides, hitting up one of my favorite places in the metro, Lebanon and also got back Salem hills, not having ridden there since they had a series race.

 First berm at Salem. I was there relatively early, only one out.  Same deal at Lebanon except when I left the parking lot was full and cars pouring in. Great to see so many riders!
 Sunday morning Jens faced off vs cousin Garrett who was playing for District 3. Family and friends from afar came to watch.
 Opening faceoff Jens on the wing and Garrett playing D. It was possible they couldn't of not skated much against each other the way the lines might roll but pretty neat it was the first shift.
 Unfortunately Jens took a funny hit, nothing harder than anything this season and only had that one shift.
 Separated shoulder. Iced up and ready for the trip home.
 Yet another trip to the ER/Urgent care for the Richards boys. Finger, arms, shoulders have taken a beating. Like I said before, rather be active living life than bubble wrapped sitting on the couch.

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