Friday, June 30, 2017

Canada Fishing

The end of June was opposite of the start of June, cold. In fact we had multiple mornings in the low 40's that resulted in the stove being lit. Maybe not necessary with warming temps but any reason to get the fire crackling in the morning or evening I'll get it going.

 No shortage of wood to burn with steady deadfall keeping the chainsaws busy.
 One of the rainy and chilly weekends, Jens and my dad went up north to Canada to fish Rainy Lake, meeting up with Jake and nephew Peter.
 Mexican restaurant excitement.
 On the water smiles.
 Heading out on chilly morning.
 Nice northern my dad caught but Jake getting in lot of the pictures.
 No food really in the cabin so Grandpa said keep it and we'll eat it. Either you like northern or you don't same for duck or a lot of wild game. Cleaning and prep and time of year, as far as fish, can be a difference maker.
Fun trip for the boys with some good memories.

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