Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Ski to Sea

Not a big fan of roller skiing but fresh pavement, quiet roads and cool temps can make for a nice outing.
 Hit it spot on last week with Jack, getting out for the first time this year. There is a lot of fresh pavement in the area just south of us, north of DL. Really couldn't ask for nicer conditions for a 45 min lunch ski east of Bakke church. Cool temps and a nice cross breeze.
 No poles but with smooth pavement, it didn't really matter and using poles on pavement just isn't the best feeling.
 Striding out the downhill.
 We averaged about 8mph. I know most people use helmets but those same people will ski with nothing but shorts and helmet. Personally crashing with no clothing can be brutal. When we got home Jack tripped on the last step and was lucky not to hit his head. Point is, there is risk in anything and common sense is bottom line.
 Went back over to Duluth to try and catch the second enduro. Jonell came along as she hadn't been over that way for 4-5 months to see Jake and his girlfriend Anna. We were able to take work stuff along. Jake and I got a nice ride in the night before but rain moved in and the race was cancelled on Wednesday.
Like everywhere else, but Duluth is 1-2 weeks behind, the trail was overgrown, and even though very wide, covered the rocks on the sides. Little bit more cautious totally opening it up after going down hard a month ago and finally recovering from a badly bruised shoulder or something.
 When you jump over rocks and land on pointy rocks....thankfully Stans sealed it up enough to finish off the ride.
Wednesday rain all day resulted in a 2 hour coffee shop stop. Not sure if that has ever happened before. A nice visit with Jonell taking a break from hectic schedules.

Thrift shop fun after a couple cappucinnos.

Not a big fan of thrifting but there in support and the old twigs and endless items keep it entertaining.

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