Thursday, July 06, 2017

Fourth of July 2017

Fourth of July felt kind of felt like two weekends this year. There was the weekend before than the Fourth of July. Was back and forth from chores at Maplelag and heading north to the lake cabin. Not quite as big of crowd this year, at least with our family with Jake not here, Jack working most of the time and Jon coming and going.

Monday night we met up at Hotel Shoreham where Jack is working again this summer (and was working that night) for pizza. Like I said on Insta, don't smile if your last name is Garden.
Flags flying on the pontoon during the flotilla, always very good.
Madeline giving Jonell a nice smooch under the new Gaaniizho Gamaag sign.
Probably the winner in this years flotilla.
More flags.
No big long rides, just a nice spin around south Twin Lake. Been to the LELTP once. Deep woods.
One morning rode up to Bass Lake which is home to the Broken Arrow resort on the northwest side. The lake has a feel of being in Canada.
Classic old Schmidt sign.
Obviously the poplar tree didn't get the memo.

Breakfast over the fire  Fourth of July morning.
Cleaning the pans.
Tanta Val paid for these guys to join us this year. They weren't the best behaved though, trying to drink out of everyone's glasses. One even cannonballed Tanta Val's glass and it spilled all over the floor in the pontoon. That has never happened! Someone said Grandpa Rodney rolled in his grave at that moment.

Jonell decorated Scamp action.
Too many firework photos so an evening shot of the cabins after a great day.

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