Thursday, August 29, 2013


This post is mostly about a dog. Some blogs with posts about pets I don't usually finish reading so if you look at a picture or two and x out, I understand.

Four years ago we had a dog wonder in that we named Carlos. Many of you probably had the pleasure of running, skiing or biking with him. He was a incredible dog. Last December he went MIA. Since his departure, he has been missed.

 We talked about getting a new dog but it didn't seem right with all our "pets" just showing up somehow. But we pulled the trigger a few weeks ago and got a yellow lab. The same day we picked up Hudson, (came from a breeder in Bemidji) a family that visits Maplelag in the winter came by for a un announced visit that day. The family name is Hudson.  Dr. Bob is an anesthesiologist from Canada and was one of the persons involved with the "Miracle in the Snow" story. We talked about it and only seemed fitting to name the new pup Hudson.
 Getting acquainted with Lily.
 Steve and Matt Wenzel meeting Hudson. Looking forward to some shredding in the future.
 Where is Hudson? Taking a nap in the laundry basket.
 Helping out with trail work.

 Getting chirped by Boots the cat.
Couple Sundays ago I hit up one of the Minnesota State Mountain bike series races. With a busy schedule this Fall, I knew it would be the last race of the season for me. I had been training hard when possible and went in ready to go hard. The fields this year are bigger and stronger than they have ever been, making things very competitive. The climb combined with the fast flowing technical singletrack made it a pure honest mountain bike race. I was hoping for a better placing but a short detour caused a little lack of focus and one of the hottest days the last few weeks had me riding a bit more conservative. Like the race at Lester, the last lap was good, pushing the pace with Josh Bauer. Happy to get five races in the season and feeling like I did pre-Lyme.

The heat to the end of this month has been less than desired but expected after a very cool start to begin with. Pretty much sauna conditions working in the woods getting ready for the bike race weekend but you get used to it and its all good. Last Sunday after a busy wedding weekend, snuck up to the cabin for the evening for one more day on the lake. Jonell still showing good form.

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